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Where to buy holiday home in Greece

Buying a home in Greece could change your life! It will certainly be an exciting and challenging project. But it can be pretty daunting too. If the thought of all the hurdles you might have to leap through is enough to make you want to lie down under the nearest olive tree, don’t panic!

Greece offers to all buyers an amazing range of geographies, climates, and lifestyles to choose from.

For a start, it has well over 200 islands – and each is different. All those islands provide a Mediterranean coastline five times longer than Spain’s and twice as long as Italy’s. Greece is also relatively undeveloped. Although at the height of summer as many as 150,000 tourists can arrive each day, it still doesn’t have the highly developed mass tourist facilities of Spain.

1. Cyclades

This group of 35 inhabited islands in the central Aegean is easy to reach by ferry or plane, or direct flights. The traditional architecture is whitewashed cubes with small white windows and brightly colored domes and terraces. However, you can just as easily find a modern villa. The busiest islands have some of most expensive properties.

2. Ionian Islands

The seven main Ionian islands include the ever-popular Lefkada-Corfu. Corfu Town has an attractive Italianate waterfront while the northwest corner of the island’s nickname “Kensington On Sea” may give you an idea of the usual clientele and the prices there. The property market in Lefkada has also been boosted by direct flights in summer from all around Europe. Property here is more likely to be modern and purpose-built holiday villas and apartments. Zakynthos has been a tourist favourite for decades, offering both easy summertime access and a good chance of holiday rental income.

3. Sporades and Evia

One of the larger islands, but relatively unspoiled. It is known for its traditional stone farmhouses called kalyvia. They are often only occupied at harvest time, when extended families come from all over Greece to bring in the crop. Skiathos is more famous as a holiday resort, one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, even with fierce competition.


Enjoy yourself – it’s an amazing journey you’re heading on. Good luck!