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“We’re doing our best to make things in a way that help deliver projects, to move them from inception to deployment quickly and efficiently per predetermined schedule, cost, quality, and customers satisfaction goals”.

– Ben Reuveni


At Lefkada Israel, we believe that responsible project management and sustainable business practices go hand-in-hand with exploration.

We know our teams have to perform, and as long as the environment will continue to change, our responsibility to make the right choices for our clients will be an ongoing commitment.

The role of a Lefkada Israel is to ensure the successful completion of the project is on time and within budget. Although the project scopes, size and location may change, one thing is consistent; ensuring the timely and cost effective completion of projects.

The real estate business requires constant learning, and we’ve gathered a team of people who bond over a shared curiosity and fascination with pushing their limits in a real estate projects environment.