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5G | the new game changer for the Greek property market

There is no question that the way we work is changing. Savvy corporate and digital nomads are actively on the hunt for their new business and family retreat in the sun.

Now, with the coming 5G revolution, even the most remote Greek island can be your new office base.

COSMOTE is the first to bring the future of telecommunications to Greece, with the commercial launch of its 5G network. In certain areas, the maximum network speeds exceed 1Gbps. Pioneering once again, COSMOTE evolves the largest mobile network in Greece, to be the first to offer its subscribers 5th generation services, creating new prospects for the country’s digital development.

Here is why 5G will have a positive impact on real estate mobility in Greece:


Increased Accessibility

Everyone who works remotely knows that the biggest challenge is relying on internet connections that aren’t always reliable.
5G changes that because you no longer work at the mercy of the closest Wi-Fi hotspot. Having ultra-fast wireless capabilities built into your devices means that you’ll be able to connect from virtually anywhere once carriers complete rolling out their 5G networks.

It overcomes any barriers and costs related to those dream remote locations km away from the telephone and internet grid.


Increased Functionality

With the increased speed and bandwidth of 5G comes the ability to work in some very interesting new ways. All kinds of work that currently require an employee’s physical presence will be able to be done as 5G allows not just remote work but virtual work. That means remote workers will be able to actually interact with and manipulate objects or data from far away, in real-time, just as if they were there.

For example, perhaps your job requires you to be onsite so you have access to vast amounts of data. Photographers and videographers edit and manage terabytes of data, the same applies to data analysts or IT specialists


Increased Productivity

The ability to work from anywhere, instead of having your work environment dictated by your job role or function, will lead to increased productivity as workers are able to create an environment that works for them. Living on an idyllic waterfront estate, enjoying the warmth of the Greek climate in harmony with nature, or enjoying an early morning swim before your first videoconference is not anymore a luxury but can be part of your daily routine skyrocketing your productivity.

As 5G will cover most of the Greek territory, new, off-the-beaten-track locations around the country will offer a whole new meaning to the dream quality lifestyle we all aspire to enjoy one day.


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