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1. What’s your expertise?

Our real estate development firm expertise in Residential real estate in Greece.

2. What’s your track record?

For our firm execution matters just as much as expertise from the year 2006.

The aspects that we always put in front are:

1. Estimated project budget vs. actual project cost

2. Timeline for delivery

3. Quality of construction

4. Client feedback or testimonial

3. What’s your lead time?

Usually, a project from A-Z takes 2-3 years. Depending on the project type, the volume, and more.

4. What are your values?

We are familiar with the local properties in Greece

We develop properties in a good location

We develop properties that are suitable for both sale and rental

We get a good team that you can trust

We create plans for success

We strive for quality in your developments

We sell and/or rent your development quickly

5. Is buying a property in Greece a good investment?

You worked a lifetime (and keep working) hard and now you get a chance to enjoy the labors of a lifetime. And which is best destination for that purpose if not the “land of Gods”, Greece, with its countless islands, beautiful countryside, stunning beaches and mountains. Greece offers a unique opportunity for investment, as the economic crisis led to a drop in prices by 40% in real estate. It also offers a wide range of property, capable to satisfy every desire.

6. Is it possible for EU citizens to acquire property in Greece?

Yes, the procedure for EU citizens is the same as for Greek citizens.

7. What are the annual costs of owning property in Greece?

Property Tax (called ENFIA): The EN.F.I.A. is divided into “main” and “complementary”. The main tax is calculated for all rights in property (houses and other buildings, land, off city plan land). The complementary EN.F.I.A. is calculated on the value of the rights of full ownership, bare ownership and usufruct on buildings and plots within city plan. The complementary ENFIA is calculated at the proportion of the total value of entitlements that exceeds 300,000 euros, with rates ranging from 0.1% to 1%.

Municipal Taxes and Fees: depending on the value and size of the property. Levied through electricity bills, ranging from 0.2%-0.8% of the property value.

8. About the property insurance

The property is secured by insurance companies. Insurance policies cover all potential losses, such as theft, fire, earthquake, storm, etc. The insurance of the property is not mandatory but is required by the financial institutions to mortgage the property.

9.  How is the ownership of property secured?

Ownership of properties in Greece ensured via the State called Land Registry. In this, all deeds are kept and all encumbrances over the property are registered. Properties archived based on the names of their owners and lawyers have the right to check the property of each person or company. This is where research of notary deeds are maid relating to any claims or encumbrances over the property. The research of the deeds also shows if the property has been transferred properly. This happens always during the process of the conclusion of the deal.

10. What documents are required to buy property in Greece?

List of documents for registration of real estate:

  • Valid international passport
  • Valid visa that allows entry to Greece

List of documents for opening a bank account in Greece:

  • Valid international passport
  • Valid visa that allows entry to Greece
  • Document confirming permanent residence (internal passport of the country of residence)
  • Letter of employment confirmation (official document confirming the main professional activity of a potential buyer, the kind of which has no importance)
  • Copy of the tax return